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Who we are

WealthWay Equity Group is a privately held real estate investment company focused on creating and managing real estate partnerships that provide high net worth individuals and other qualified investors the opportunity to passively own professionally managed real estate.

Our primary objective is to provide our investors with significant cash flow and appreciation by targeting undervalued real estate opportunities. Our combined experience and dedication assure investors and partners that whenever capital is placed, the company has made and will continue to make equal or greater investments in time, effort, and insight. Few companies bring with them as broad a range of skills needed to turn potential into reality.

Company Team

The company is comprised of an excellent team of professionals who are dedicated and experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial development.

Company Team Includes

Acquisition & Development Specialists

Certified Public Accountants

Inhouse Management Facility

Outside Consultants

Advisory Board

The company has assembled an outstanding group of individuals with exceptional business backgrounds to serve as the company’s advisory board. The board provides added expertise and complements the managing members and other members of the company. The board participates in reviewing the ongoing activities of the company. Each member of the board is a principal investor in the company.

In-House Property Management

Rolling Cash Realty, Inc., an affiliate of the company, is a full-service real estate management company.

Once a property has been acquired, RCR provides both direct and/or supervisory management services, including marketing the properties to prospective tenants, overseeing daytoday operations, and supervising maintenance and improvement programs. Additionally, RCR performs various investor relations and monitoring services, such as monitoring each investor’s investment and overseeing and determining the correct amount of interest, cash distributions and mortgage refinance proceeds each investor is entitled to receive according to the partnership documents.

Outside Consultants

The company has assembled a team of experts in various fields to consult with on a regular basis. This ensures that decisions are fully considered and result in superior investment performance. These experts are drawn from professionals with expertise in the following areas:

Real Estate Legal and Accounting


Architecture and Engineering


Zoning and Land Use Management


Commercial and Residential Brokerage


Sales, Leasing, and Marketing


Construction and Development