The company is managed principally by its founder, Sam Liebman, a real estate professional with over thirty-five years of experience in finance, property management, acquisition, and development. For the past twelve years, Mr. Liebman has been the Fund Manager for the Rolling Cash Opportunity Fund LLC. Under Mr. Liebman’s leadership, the fund owns substantial interests in twenty properties with an aggregate market value that has grown to over $120,000,000 after starting with only $9,000,000 in capital. In addition, during the past thirty years, Mr. Liebman has owned substantial interests in over seventy properties throughout the tristate area and in Texas. Mr. Liebman is also the chief executive officer of Rolling Cash Realty, Inc., a real estate management company, as well as a partner in Tepper & Co., a certified public accounting firm. From 1983 to 1986, Mr. Liebman served as the chief financial officer of Mountain Development Corp., a leading New Jersey real estate development company. Mr. Liebman has extensive experience representing owners, choosing properties for acquisition, and subsequently negotiating their purchase and sale. He has overseen new building construction and interfaced with renovation and operational staff, architects, engineers, and contractors.